About Us

Organic agricultural production means production with the aim of ensuring the ecosystem of plants and animals, creating safety and quality product for users as well as bringing economic efficiency, maintenance and improvement nutrition of soil. It is a method of agriculturing without using toxic chemicals, such as pesticides, chemical herbicides as well as chemical fertilizers. Organic agriculture focus on balancing the natural ecosystem.

Accordingly, the basic principle of organic agriculture is a way of agriculture that avoids or eliminates of the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, growth stimulant. To proactively meet the growing demand for high quality fertilizers of Organic Agriculture, after a period of active research and trial production from chicken manure sources under Japanese microbiological technology, Good Life Company. introduced 4 organic fertilizers that certified by Control Union of USDA-NOP and EU organic standard to farmer.

Good Life Corp. is the first and only one fertilizer manufacturer in Vietnam has organic certificate under standard of USDA-NOP and EU. Now we are supplying our products to almost organic farms in Vietnam.

Good Life fertilizers are granted Circulate License

The Organic Certificates are granted by Control Union

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate