Good Life Microorgnism Fertilizer

Good Life Microorgnism Fertilizer


  • Cellulose resolution microorganism:…1,0 × 10CFU / ml;
  • pH: …………………………………… .5
  • Density: …………………………… .1.05

Along with more than 20 strains, various useful microorganisms included in the fertilizer such as Streptomyces sp, Penicillium sp., Bacillus sp. Pseudomonas sp., Trichodema sp …… ..

Method of fertilizing: spraying on leaves

  • Description



– A combination of 15 species of microorganisms including actinomycetes and fungi that prevent and control a number of pathogenic fungi on plant stems and leaves.

– The product contains a solution of the habitat of microorganisms formulated with concentrated organic nutrients, a source of food for microorganisms and also an essential source of nutrients for plants, helping the leaves stay healthy, strong, well-developed, increasing resistance to external agents that may cause harm to plants such as fungi, bacteria, sudden changes in weather….

– The characteristic micro-pungent odor helps repel sucking insects and butterflies, greatly reducing plant pests.

Use guidance

Shake well before use.

  • Spray in cool weather.
  • Spray bottle is needed to be rinsed before use (do not use bottles with pesticides or chemicals)
  • Clean water for mixing is rain water or a guaranteed water source free from pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
  • For fruit trees, use spray 1 month before flowering and after fruiting.

Mixing dose and spray instructions:

  • Mix 500ml of product with 500 liters of clean water.
  • Spray when it is cool, avoid spraying when it is raining or about to rain.
  • * Spray the leaves soaked wet, focus the infection.
  1. Rice: spraying every 20-30 days at the time of tillering and field work
  2. Fruit trees: spray before flowering, after fruiting and before harvest
  3. Industrial crops: spraying at the beginning, middle and end of rainy season.
  4. Vegetable crops: spray after 10 days of planting, spray 3 times / crop, 7 days apart

Important note : Spraying this product must be separated from other chemical drugs before or after 5 days.

Storage : Must be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children, source of food and water.