Good Life EM Microorganism Fertilizer

Good Life EM Microorganism Fertilizer

• Microorganism resolves cellulose: ….1,0 × 108 CFU / ml

(Streptomyces sp, Penicillium sp., Bacillus sp. Pseudomonas sp., Trichodema sp …… ..)

• Microorganism resolves phosphorus:  1.0 × 108 CFU / ml

(Burkholderia Conocepacia …….)

• Nitrogen-fixing Microorganism : …… .1,0 × 108 CFU / ml

(Azotobacter ……)

• Density: …………………………… .1.05
• pH: …………………………………… 5

Method of fertilizing: rooting

  • Description


Microbiological fertilizers contain many useful microorganisms. By using of microorganism fertilizer, it will supplies the nitrogen and phosphorus resolving microorganisms and it operates like a factory in soil to produce nitrogen and phosphorus in the soil to directly supply nutrients to the plants.
Depending on the purpose of use and the needs of the crop, choose a type of microorganism fertilizer with different types of microorganisms such as nitrogen fixing fertilizer, phosphorus resolving fertilizer or boost-growth microorganism fertilizer …
It forms solution, yellow to light brown, with a characteristic strong odor of concentrated microorganisms.
It includes 34 kinds of microorganisms useful for soil and plant

– Good Life EM microorganism fertilizer is a collection of 34 strains, useful microorganisms such as lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, actinomycetes, molds, living symbiosis in the same environment. They can be applied as an inoculum to enhance soil microbial diversity, to add useful microorganisms to the soil environment, to help minimize the soil environment contaminated by harmful microbial strains and objects.
– Good Life EM microorganism fertilizer has the effect of activating hardened soil due to excessive use of plant protection chemicals and inorganic fertilizers (called infertile soil) to help chemical fertilizers remained in soil be converted from indigestion to easily digested, helping roots absorb more easily, making the soil porous and able to hold water easily.
– The combination of Good Life EM microorganism fertilizer and Good Life Chicken Microorganism Organic Fertilizers will bring high efficiency in soil nutrition improvement, significantly solving pathogens caused by bacteria. Helping roots increase the maximum absorption of organic nutrients in the soil
User manual
Root using:
• Vegetables: leafy vegetables, vegetables,
• Ornamental flowers: all kinds of ornamental flowers
• Industrial crops: rubber, tea, coffee, cocoa, cashew, pepper, coconut, sugarcane and manioc
• Fruit trees: oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, durian, rambutan, mangosteen, dragon fruit…
Fertilizing according to the period of trees: new plants, basic construction trees, boost-grow fertilizing during the crop period.

Usage: Shake well before use. Mix 1 liter of product with 1,000 liters of clean water
for 1 ha (10.000 m2).
• For short-term plant crops: use one time on crop, repeat on each harvest.
• For long-term plant crops: use once every 3 months.

Important note: If using chemical fertilizers, apply this fertilizer before or after application of EM Good Life solution for 7 days.
Storage: Must be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children, source of food and water.